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SK-II Boutique Spa follows our client's skin closely through meticulous consultation in every visit and promise to change their skin destiny. The Research & Development team constantly research and explore latest innovation and beauty findings to curate and enhance service offerings, focusing on the overall concept of holistic wellness.

Uneven Skin Tone & Spots
Clogged Pores
Special Care

For Your Eyes Only (Add-On)

RM140.00 | +15MINS

Replenish your eyes hydration with the 20-steps relaxing massage specially designed to target tired and dull eyes. Its massage helps to improve blood circulation around the eyes to achieve deeper hydration, brighter and illuminating eyes.

Senze Up-Lifting Eye Enhancer (add-on)

RM170.00 | +15MINS

An anti-aging treatment uses Bio-wave currents to help lift & improve skin firmness & stimulate weak muscles around the eye areas.

Senze Up-Lifting Neck Enhancer (add-on)

RM170.00 | +15MINS

An anti-aging treatment uses Bio-wave currents to help lift & improve skin firmness & stimulate weak muscles around the neck areas.

Senze Oxygenated Eye Treatment (Add-On)

RM240.00 | +15MINS

Increase the flow of exygen around the eyes to reduce signs of tiredness and wrinkles. A combination of skin nutrients and concentrated oxygen is gently permeated into the skin's cellular layers, bringing back refine radiance to the eyes.

Senze Awakening Add-on

RM340.00 | +15 MINS

Delivering non-invasive results rival that of some aesthetics procedures by combining advanced technology with an infusion of active ingredients into the skin. Choose from 3 personalized skin solutions.


RM388.00 | 60MINS

Maintain your skin's health and natural beauty with an essential facial to enhance moisture boost. This multi-step facial treatment treats your skin to a luxurious buffet of premium SK-II products as selected by our therapist. It is combined with a pressure point massage for ultimate relaxation and skin health. You will emerge relaxed and recharged with a re-hydrated, refreshed complexion. 


RM398.00 | 60MINS

Keep your skin clear from environmental damage. Developed specifically for deep pore cleansing and skin purification, this facial treatment targets deep-rooted issues such as comedones and acne. It employes a range of different extraction tools and products such as the antiseptic Ionic Silver Gel and Skin Recovery Gel, which is rich in Vitamin E and known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular treatment and proper care results in a healthier, more refined and clearer facial skin for a fresh and picture-perfect appearance.


RM508.00 | 90MINS

Indulge your senses while pampering your face with this hydration boost intensive treatment. This treatment includes the SK-II signature 55-step relaxing face massage and eye treatments and finishes with a soothing scalp massage. The treatment ends with a personalized cocktail of SK-II products.  The experience will leave you both physically and mentally relaxed and recharged, an essential component of promoting good skin health.


RM618.00 | 105MINS

Our best antidote for stress! Promoting holistic wellness of the body, mind, and skin. This facial is chockful of goodness including Certified Organic Essential Oils that are free of pesticide and harmful substances, selection of premium oils such as Rose Otto (touted “Liquid Gold”), extra long 40-minute facial massage promoting relaxation and lymphatic drainage, and the goodness of SK-II. Suitable for most skin types even with sensitive or acne-prone skins. Available with 4 specially curated oil blends for different skin conditions.


RM618.00 | 105MINS

Give your skin that healthy aura and pristine luminosity it so deserves. This facial deploys masterful techniques, combined with premium SK-II Genoptics products icluding a triple-mask care for the face, eyes and neck. Through it, your skin can discover perfection in the form of  translucent, porcelain-clear skin that glows from within.


RM758.00 | 90MINS

The latest facial from the SK-II Boutique Spa incorporates gentle firming facial massage combining with not only one, but three advanced skincare solutions: WishPro MIT technology head, WishPro Organic Peel with Safe-scrub™, LED Light Therapy Mask, together with the SK-II products to brighten dull, lack luster skin with lasting effect and promote healthy skin health via effective lymphatic drainage.


RM758.00 | 105 MINS

Give your skin the gift of new life by treating it to an oxygen boost. In this treatment suitable for all skin types, including sensitive & acne prone skin. Rejuvenate the skin with the infusion of oxygen that is delivered deep into the skin. SK-II Treatment Essence is applied using an oxygen spray for an even, and deeper penetration. You'll step out with a brighter complexion and instantly firmer, more hydrated skin.